Thanks to the 18 who showed up for our first trail work outing. We divided into three groups of six.

Group “A” – John Sharp – Leader

We cleared from Jonesville to the large beaver pond, where some of them arrived while group B was having lunch. They had the new chain saw and only used it once (it cut nicely).

They clipped and cleared the trail with a crew consisting of veterans George long, Fred Royce, and Dot Myer and new volunteers Ben and Paul Truman.

Group “B” – Pam Gillis – Leader

We cleared the Long Trail from Bolton Notch Road south to the large beaver pond. Our section President, Ted Albers, carried and used the chain saw (the older club one) and cut several trees. Ted also ripped down a large rotten one. The others (all returning trail workers), Forrest Aldrich, Carlene Squires, Maggie King, and Louanne Nielsen clipped and removed branches trees from the trail. I used the Hazel hoe to help with the trail drainage, clearing some leaves and mud from ditches. We have a picture from our lunch break at the pond with everyone (including the 2 dogs) but the photographer, Forrest. We were too busy working to take more pictures! We did see a moose across the beaver pond, but it left before it could be photographed. The moose was being chased through a clearing near the beaver pond by Group C who were chattering so much the moose had no problem getting away in time.

Group “C” – Phil Hazen – Leader

We had a great turnout for our first trail work outing of the year. (It must be because of the news that refreshments would be provided by Trails co-chairs Pam Gillis & John Sharp at the end of the day!) This allowed three trail work crews of six each to go forth to clip, clear water bars and remove blow downs (larger trees across the trail).

While the first two crews did their work on the Long Trail from Jonesville to Bolton Notch Road, Group “C” headed up to Buchanan Lodge from the Bolton Notch Road. New comers Scott Albertson, Jon Miller, and Max Seaton joined seasoned veterans Lisa Sipsey and Rick Manning along with old timer Phil Hazen pressed into service as trip leader (I had a chainsaw).

This group was particularly ambitious, rarely allowing me start up the chain saw.They preferred to hand saw trees or just throw them off the trail. And not only that, but they clipped on the way in and on the way out. That must have been because of the “catered lunch” with white linens at Buchanan Lodge. Next time, sign up for Group “C”.

To add, we heard or saw 17 bird species including our state bird, Hermit Thrush, and a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Blooming wildflowers were not prolific but we saw Spring-beauty, Trout Lily, Yellow Violets, Dutchman’s Breeches and Wake-Robin Trillium. Also, Woodland Sedge was in bloom.