The hike was scheduled for Mount Hunger. The forecast was that the rain would be light and would end before dawn. By 7 AM, the drizzle had stopped, right on schedule. We all headed for the meeting point – 9 people at Richmond, 2 at Waterbury. As we approached Richmond, the rain started. By 8:45, it was raining hard, and 40 degrees.

No one had any interest in hiking in those conditions, and it was clear that the trail would be turning into a slushy mess, even if the rain stopped. So, we canceled, and the leader who had left phone-numbers at home, headed to Waterbury to tell those folks. It was not yet raining in Waterbury, but, right on cue, it started pounding while he was informing those hikers that the event was canceled.

Back at Richmond, the group made a plan – Colchester Causeway at 1 PM – weather radar should the rain would have stopped well before then, and the causeway drainage is so good it would be dry. So, seven of us showed up for a causeway walk and birding walk.

The only bird we found was a Canada Goose decoy that had washed up, but we did have a good stroll to the cut and back, about 6 miles total.

Participants – Chuck and Judy Bond, Marc and Peggy Faucher, Debbie Page, Sheri and Rich Larsen