The day proved to hold to its forecast of mid-30s and bright blue sky with brilliant sun! Nearly the same crew as last Saturday with a couple of minuses and pluses and Dean and Sophie once again joined us mid-way, once again at lunch time…. a pattern is forming here…..!!!

Hit Hunger summit first, where the wind found us but we found clear skies awaiting and sites for miles and miles. Never met another soul until the summit of White Rocks, then upon the descent, encountered many. Quite icy and muddy, too. Wes fell into a mud hole but managed to stay upright and only got his boots wet. (He was riding with me but I threatened that if he were too dirty, he was then headed home with Phil!) We hit the trailhead around 2:15, 2:30 pmish, then headed for post-hike entertainment at the Reservoir in Waterbury, the bricks and mortar location, not the large body of water Rez!

Robynn Albert (leader), with Melissa Bainbridge, Rink Tacoma, Wes Volk, Max Seaton, Phil Hazen, Ted Albers, Dean Weiderin, Laurelae Oehler, Lenore Budd. Photo credit: Phil Hazen with Ted’s camera and Wes Volk