Even though, we had to set our clocks back an hour the night before the hike, everyone showed up on time at the Richmond Park and Ride. The best part was everyone could get another hour of sleep. We carpooled to the Burrows trail head. Upon our arrival at the parking lot, there was some evidence of snow. We soon gathered for cookies and drinks at Montclair Glen Shelter before continuing to the summit. In another mile, we reached the summit of Mount Ethan Allen with great views to the east under partly sunny skies.

I estimated a good inch of fresh snow fell the night before, which made for good traction for our return trip down to the shelter for lunch and more cookies and chocolate. The wind was very cold and we were thankful to be in the woods and shelter and not on an open mountain top today. It was a good day.

Participants were: Anneliese Koenig, Fred Royce, Mary Keenan, Margaret Benn, Mary Lou Recor, Laurelae Oehler, Ruth Hare, Dean Wiederin, Lynda Hutchins, and Cathy Tilley kneeling. Two dogs – Callahan and Sophie. Photographer and leader Carlene Squires.