The Saturday began with Ted arriving at the wrong parking lot on Duxbury road, at precisely the same time that Emily and I did. After a short conversation with, and reconnoissance mission by Ted, we headed up the road to the Long Trail parking lot to meet Phil and Kathy.

The ascent up Camels Hump via the ridge, as was the original plan, was decidedly too slippery and arduous for that wet day. We instead headed for the Monroe Trail head just up the road. Just after 9:30 am we started on our way. At the intersection with the Dean Trail Ted ate part of the trail sign, then we headed for the Montclair Glen shelter. Once Ted, Emily and I shed some weight from our backs, and had a much needed snack we made our way from the shelter up the Long Trail to the summit of Camels Hump. Over our heads was a blue and clouded sky, and the promise of chilling wind at the top. We were not disappointed in the least. There was an abundance of dogs and humans lounging on the sheltered side of the peak, enjoying a beautiful view.

Having no intention of staying over night, Phil and Kathy continued down the mountain back to their car. Ted, Emily and I turned around and ventured back down the way we came. We spurred onto the Alpine Trail, stopping briefly to gander at the wing of the B-24J bomber left there 70 years ago. The night at Montclair Glen was a rainy one, but luckily we had four walls and a good roof over our heads. The hot coco helped too. The morning dawned grey and cold, but we ate our oat meal and got on our way around 9 am. We hiked back down to our cars in fine spirit, despite the rain and slick trail. We arrived well before noon and called it a weekend well spent.

With Ted Albers, Phil Hazen, Kathy Hazen, and Emily Young. Trip Leader: Jacob Hinsdale.