We met at 8:30 (OK, maybe 8:35 – David was late) at the Richmond Park and Ride and took Ted’s car to the Waterbury Trail trailhead, where we got almost the last parking space. It was cool, around 50 F, but mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds that disappeared as the day wore on.

We got on the trail about 9:15 and talked about nerdy stuff like 3D printing and management of the Burlington section website on the way up, but still made good time and reached the south summit of Mt Hunger around 11.

After a brief photo op and a chat with some neighbors of Ted’s we went back to the White Rock trail junction, made our way over to White Rock, had lunch there. We had seen a several people and dogs on the way up, but could see looking up at Mt Hunger that there were now a lot more people there. We saw a few more people and dogs as we returned to the Waterbury Trail, and probably saw over 50 more people and a dozen or more dogs as we headed down it.

We reached the car around 1:30, and as we drive off we probably saw over 30 cars lined up along the road in overflow from the small parking area.

David Hathaway (trip leader) and Ted Albers.