[Editors Note: this was the last hike Dot formally led for the GMC, after over 50 years as a GMC trip leader.] We had perfect weather, sunny but cool enough to know fall was coming. We had 11 people including both old timers and new people.

We ate lunch on the rocks in front of Montclair Glen Lodge. Then most of the group hiked the Allis Trail by going south from the Lodge and doing the Allis Trail from the south end. This is the opposite direction from the way we usually do it. It was Pam’s suggestion to do it this way and it was a very good suggestion.

The great view of Camel’s Hump was in front of us instead of in back. Three of us went back down from the Lodge. Afterward we all enjoyed refreshments at the parking lot.

Thanks to everybody for coming and for bringing food (and root beer).

Leader: Dot Myer and Corky Magoon, Llyn Ellison, Sally Rice, Carollee Reynolds, Kim Mihan, Dimi Currey, Carlene Squires, Pam Gillis, Ted Albers, Patty Williams.