The trip was cancelled on it’s original date of August 31 due to a forecast featuring a 70% chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms. But when David told Max he was thinking of doint the hike later in the week, Max said he’d come along. David picked up Max at home in Essex Junction around 7:30, and we reached the St Huberts parking area by the Ausable Club a little after 9:30. It was a perfect day for hiking; cool and breezy under a partly cloudy sky. We started the long road walk to Lower Ausable Lake at 9:45, and started up the trail toward the Sawteeth / Pyramid col around 11.

Upon reaching the col around noon, we decided to skip Sawteeth, since the trail up to it is even steeper than many of the others on our route, and the one mile round trip side excursion offered no views or other enticements. Instead, we headed directly up to Pyramid, taking about a 20 minute break there for lunch and to take in the views of Gothic and the Adirondack Great Range. After a short, but steep, down and up we reached Gothic, and then continued to the col between Gothic and Armstrong.

From there we headed down the trail to Beaver Meadow Falls, with a number of ladders and a lot of steep bits along the way. There we rested, cooled off, and rinsed out shirts and hats before continuing along the West River Trail and then out to the road. We reached the car around 6:15.

We didn’t see any other people between passing the ANR gate on the way in and out, probably because it was a weekday after school has started.

David Hathaway (Leader) and Max Seaton.