David, Wes, and Amanda met at the Richmond Park & Ride at 8:30 and drove together to the Middlesex Trail trailhead, where we met Phyllis around 9:15, left one car, and took the other to the Worcester Trail trailhead.

We started up under partly cloudy skies around 9:45. We passed some mysterious old scrap metal objects on the way up Worcester, then took a break at the top to snack and look ahead at what we had yet to do.

We continued along Skyline Trail past an unnamed peak and stopped for the rest of our lunch at a small lookout just before the Stowe Pinnacle trail junction. From there we continued to North Hunger and Mt. Hunger, which we reached around 3:30. We considered going over White Rock, but some of us were getting a little tired, so after another break we headed down the rocky slabs of Middlesex Trail. While the upper slabs (including the rope) were unchanged, quite a bit of trail work had been done on the trail a little lower, including two new ladders / stairs that made the descent a lot easier than it used to be.

We reached the junction with the White Rock trail and continued down, reaching the car around 5:15.

Participants: Wes Volk, Phyllis Rubenstein, Amanda Debruyn, David Hathaway (leader).