Wes asked David to take over as substitute leader for this trip, but his conflicting plans fell through, so we had two leaders plus Max on this one. We met at the Underhill Center commuter lot at 9 and took one car from there to the Stevensville trailhead. We started up the Butler Lodge Trail around 9:20, with pleasant temperatures and partly cloudy skies. We reached Butler Lodge around 10:35, where we noticed a freshly painted red door frame.

Apparently a Harvard group had repainted it the night before. I didn’t remember it being red before, but looking through old photos I see that it was. We hung out admiring the views some of us had helped clear earlier in the summer, then headed up Wampahoofus. As we approached the visitor center we saw a group of people in 1800s garb (including women in hoop skirts!). We were told they were reenacting a painting done at Frenchman’s Pile sometime in the late 1800s. We continued along the ridge, stopping for a lunch break shortly before the Sunset Ridge junction, and reaching the summit around 1:30. There were a lot of people on the ridge and at the summit, and we hung out there for perhaps 20 minutes, then headed back along the ridge. The crowds of relatively slow hikers kept the pace pretty slow until we got past the visitor center.

At the Forehead we met a group of UVM students who consulted with us on the possible routes back to Stevensville; they had come up Butler Lodge and taken the LT to the forehead, and opted for a zigzag route down Wampahoofus, back across Rock Garden, and then down Maple Ridge and Frost. We took a more direct route down Maple Ridge and Frost.

Near the bottom Max had a slip and gashed his finger and elbow; it didn’t look serious but warranted breaking out the first aid kit for some disinfectant wipes and bandages. We got to the car around 5 PM.