It was looking like it was going to be a solo trip, but the night before Kim emailed saying she and Larry would like to come along. So we met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot and then carpooled up to the State Park. We got one of the last parking spots in the upper lot and started up around 9:30.

It was sunny and pleasant with a little bit of breeze. We reached Cantilever Rock in about 45 minutes, where we stopped to admire the view, then continued up to reach the summit around 11:30. There were a lot of people, but not as many as I might have expected, and we spent about a half hour eating lunch and taking in the views.

Kim had warned me she expected to hike at a slower pace than me, but she was in the lead the whole way, and I can only say that I don’t think I want to hike with her when she thinks she’s going fast! Hiking Mansfield wasn’t enough activity for her in a day, and she had tentative plans to go whitewater paddling that evening. So rather than do the whole ridge, we came down Halfway House trail and reach the car around 1:25. The line of cars parked in a line extending way below the state park gate gave evidence of the popularity of the mountain that day.

Kim Farone, Larry Gagne, David Hathaway (leader).