We met at the Cambridge Park & Ride at 9:30, consolidated into one car, and made one stop at Johnson Farm and Garden for David to pick up some deer fly strips. On a 2012 hike of the same loop he filled a strip with deer flies (see photo in 7/12/14 trip report). But on this trip the bugs were barely noticeable, and perhaps the insect repellent was working, because he got none.

After that stop we wound our way through the back roads of Johnson to the Cross Road trailhead for the Davis Neighborhood trail, and started out around 10:10. The day was sunny and warm, but with a slight breeze keeping it from being very hot. We walked up and over Codding Hollow Road and the washed out route that used to be the rest of that road to the Long Trail crossing, and then headed up the Long Trail. We passed one person along the long stretch of overhanging rock wall, and reached the lookout around 12:15, where we saw several people and dogs, including two groups of LT end to end aspirants.

After having lunch we continued on to the summit, and then down the LT to Corliss Camp. We met another end to ender there, then headed down Davis Neighborhood Trail, reaching the car around 3:10.

Anneliese Koenig, Mary Keenan, David Hathaway (leader).