Four of us went to clear the trail between the outer and inner lots at the Lake Mansfield Trout Club. The outer lot is the only one that can used for overnight parking by hikers and we had a report of many trees down on this trail. We clipped and cleaned waterbars, as well as clearing the downed trees. Some were small, but there was one place where a jumble of trees blocked the trail, including a pretty large solid white birch.

Using the club’s new chain saw, we cleared the trail. We used hand saws on other trees (new ones our section just purchased). Then we continued just a little ways up Lake Mansfield Trail and cleared the one big tree we hadn’t been able to get the previous week. Weather was great and we accomplished quite a bit in the morning outing.

Workers were Melissa Bainbridge, Bob and Joan Britt, and leader Pam Gillis.