We had a great turn-out for our 5/30 trail work. John Sharp and Phil Hazen started early and hiked from Stevensville to Puffer, cutting the trees they encountered on the trail (just a few). Eleven others drove to Lake Mansfield Trout Club. We split up and worked on the Lake Mansfield Trail and the LT from Taylor Lodge to the top of Mt. Mayo. We clipped and cleaned waterbars and partially cut a large tree of the Lake Mansfield Trail. The trails were in pretty good shape. The predicted rain again did not come, but would have been a welcome relief from the hot temps. It was a pretty long day with the last of the folks getting to the cars at 4:40 pm.

This group had Max Seaton, Tom Joslin, Scot Albertson, Ted Albers, Tom Candon, Sarah and Chris Sussman, Jas Smith, Jeffery Trubisz, Sarah Sherrill and trip leader Pam Gillis.