On Saturday I led Lisa Hardi, Jeffery Trubisz and Max Seaton up the ski trails to Eagles landing and then south to the Buchanan shelter trail junction. There were number of blow downs, used the chainsaw at least 12 times. Turned around and headed north. Stopped to eat at Harrington’s View. From Eagles landing north to where the old long trail joins the current trail had to use the chain saw about six times. Met up with Phil’s group here.

Phil Hazen led Ted Albers, Tom Joslin and Paul Beliveau went over Bolton to Puffer. Phil said trail was in good shape and the view from Puffer much improved. Phil’s group passed a hiker going from Taylor to Buchanan and he indicated that were a number of blow downs between Mayo and Puffer. Wonderful cool sunny day with no bugs.

Overall the trail was in good shape. Reached parking lot around 4:15. On Monday Phil led a group to Butler lodge to open the view. Dave Hardy had received permission to take down 10 trees. The removal of the trees significantly opened the area.