Nine folks went on the section’s second spring trail work. We divided into a group of 4 to do the Butler Lodge Trail and the LT south and a group of 5 to do the Nebraska Notch Trail and the LT to Taylor Lodge and then north until meeting the other group.

The group of 5 subdivided to do different parts of the work. Each of the 2 groups had a chain saw and used it, but not much. The trails were in pretty good shape. Lots of water bars and drainage cleaning on the Nebraska Notch trail. We did some diverting of water running in the trail near the intersection with Clara Bow Trail. Also had a massive tree down right by the trail with its root system blocking the trail, so the root ball was knocked apart to clear the trail (see a couple of the photos). Plus we again saw some very nice wildflowers. The predicted rain again did not come.

Max Seaton, Mary Keenan, Tom Joslin, John Pennucci, Paul Beliveau, Scot Albertson, Dave Hathaway, and trip leaders Pam Gillis and John Sharp.