Eight of us showed up for the section’s first spring trail work. We divided into a chain saw group of 3 (with 2 saws) to do the large number of trees down mostly north of Duck Brook Shelter. The other 5 of us cleared the LT from Bolton Notch Rd. to the Buchanan cutoff. It was a very hot day. We did find a couple patches of snow for relief (and had lunch by one).

There were several trees down and we used a chain saw on this route, too. It got stuck once, but got freed after some handsawing and other efforts (see photo). Plus we saw some very nice wildflowers. The predicted rain did not come. The LT Jonesville to Bolton Notch Rd. had been mostly cleared at a GMC Trail Workshop, leaving the big trees. That crew had LOTS of cutting to do! We managed to meet up afterwards.

Ted Albers, Mike Arthur, Max Seaton, Mary Keenan, Phil Hazen, Tom Joslin, and trip leaders Pam Gillis and John Sharp.