We took the new Stimson Mountain LT relocation from the new Winooski Bridge parking lot to Airway tower (a side-trail that is not a side trail at all) & back same way. This is approx. 6 miles round trip, 1,800’ gain.

Trip leader Ted promised great weather or your money back, and he did not disappoint – that seems to be the one thing he has complete control over. The group of 13 sturdy hikers assembled at the new LT parking lot on Rt. 2 just north of the new bridge and headed north on the new LT which was well marked until it wasn’t.

Where it wasn’t we drifted off the trail but our collective ‘sense of the trail’ put us back on, more or less. Nearing the point where the LT passes within a ½ mile or so of the summit of Stimson we bushwhacked south-east to the summit ridge and then south to the summit, which is thoroughly wooded and affords only a sliver of a view towards the valley and Camel’s Hump. We used microspikes as there was a 1’ layer of melting snow – and slippery leaves underfoot. At the conclusion several headed off to visit the new Bridge – for some it was their first visit.

A Victoria’s Secret bag became attached to the trip leader’s pack providing some color along the trail. Something to do with Robynn and clogs and a coded message for her neighbors.

With Robin Lessoff, Dave Hathaway, Tracy Sweeney, Holly Creeks, Phil Hazen, Faith Beiler, Robynn Albers, Dean Wiederin, Nancy Hankey, Ken Britting, Horst Hartleib, Maria Baiulescu, trip leader Ted Albers.(if i forgot anyone please let me know!)

Photos by Dave and Phil.