‘Twas the night of the solstice
and all through the lodge
hung mittens and jackets,
the boy scouts’ hodge podge.
The trail had been tricky
with ice and some snow.
From the porch we watched sun set,
in its last amber glow.
When it came time to eat,
we were no slackers,
a feast for a king:
cheese, cookies and crackers.
Then into the darkness,
we brave hikers went,
slowly making our way
by tiny headlamp lamp.
At the end of the trail,
we sang our good wishes,
while the boy scouts at Butler
were freezing their tushes.
As we drove from the trailhead
all full of good cheer,
our thoughts on the future,
“Can’t wait ’til next year.”

13 participants, including Mary Lou Recor (Leader) and poet