When I signed up in July to lead a hike on December 19, I had no idea what kind of weather or hiking conditions we would encounter. As the date approached, I knew that we would not need snowshoes on the hike but I was concerned about the possibility of rain or overcast skis with no views.

As it turned out, the conditions were a bit icy but we lucked out with the views. Just as we got to the hut clearing, the sun started to come out and we had lovely views in every direction from the top. We didn’t stay on top long since it was very windy and cold, but we were there long enough for another hiker to take a group photo of us. Everyone got down in one piece, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Participants: Max Seaton, Gary Kupperblatt, Maria Baiulescu, Sally Hughes, Barbara Cory, Laureen Gauthier, Richard Larsen, Sheri Larsen (leader)