Rob started the trend to sign up for this trip the Saturday before; after that, the signees exploded, and by week’s end until the total the morning of was 16 including me. (I don’t think I’ve had a group this large since my first outing as a trip leader in July 2008.) I’ll say it was the warm weather that brought folks out, many I’d not met before.) 8:30 am at the Hinesburg Park & Ride; from there we headed out in a few cars to meet up with 2 others at the Battell trailhead.

Day started as cloudy and pretty much continued this way until the summit. Just as the last of us were leaving, the clouds lifted and the views were super; Sheri made a second run for the summit to grab some photos. A bit of ice between the shelter and summit but not microspike-worthy. Lots of folks on the trail on our descent.

A Holiday trivia game was conducted by this trip leader at the shelter where great prizes of chocolate and cookies were awarded with the correct answer. Mary was the grand prize winner, meaning she has a phenomenal memory, answering at least 50% of the questions with the correct answers. When asked if she’d recently watched the trivia question shows – Frosty, Grinch, Rudolph and Charlie Brown – the answer was no, she’d remembered the same questions and answers from years ago when the same game was played!! Don’t mess with Mary and her holiday knowledge!

Returned back to the trailhead a bit before 2 pm. A good day for all present!

Participants: Rob Gordon, Max Seaton, Jean Cannon, Tom Smith, Lynda Hutchins, Mary Keenan, Rich Larsen, Sheri Larsen, Holly Creeks, David Stall, Lee Wrigley, Phil Hazen, Kevin Batson, Robin Lesoff, Reza Ramazani, Robynn Albert (leader). Photos courtesy: Phil, Holly, Sheri