Between Rich and myself, it seems we must have worn out the trails in the Abraham area this summer, eh Rich? Anyhow, weather was beautiful as our rather small group of FRIDAY hikers left the trailhead at the Battell Trail. With most of the leaves gone, visibility was very good and as we ascended, views of the Adirondacks and Lac du Champlain were superb.

There was a huge reflection coming from near Killington Peak which we determined must have been the top of the gondola. Several gliders and their planes were down in the Warren area and that was fun to watch and hear. Lunch on top and views in every direction were had.

Rachel learned how to drive our Prius as I was a tad late for a teeth cleaning appointment and she even volunteered to shuttle Roger back to Richmond Park n’ Ride. Couldn’t have made it without you, Rachel!!! Everyone had a nice hike and it was good to get out.

Participants – Roger Crouse, Rachel Moulton, Laura Roberts, Pete Saile