On an unusually warm afternoon, 4 hikers met at the top of Camels Hump Road at the main parking lot, which was already filled with other hikers vehicles. Trip leader Adam Heckle was driven in with Dean and met Lynda and Wendy for the hike. By 10 am they were entering the trail and making their ascent with the accompaniment of two, four legged friends. Within the first hour of hiking the Forest City Trail, they arrived to Montclair Lodge where they made a short rest, chatted, rehydrated and were quickly back on the trail.

Once on The Long Trail making their way up the North side of Mt. Ethan Allen they stumbled upon a snowshoe hare with within eyesight from the trail. The risk in hiking up some steep icy inclines without micro-spikes almost caused a hiker to slide back down a steep icy slope. Luckily, any risk was diffused with quick thinking of a fellow hiker. Just before reaching the top we noticed a side trail to a view South of Camels Hump.

Once we reached the summit the View south of Ira Allen and Burnt Rock, with great visibility to the surrounding landscape. The group chatted amongst each other and other hikers, enjoyed snacks and the glorious viewpoint. When they descended the summit, they decided to take the Allis Trails that looped us back around to the Long Trail, which offers good viewpoints of the stony outcrop on the north side of Camels Hump summit. The Allis Trail was soft and less frequently hiked and even had a bench along the halfway point.

On the way back down the Forest City Trail, our attention was caught by many large Yellow Birches along the trailside. Our hike was completed by 3pm, just enough time for the hikers to make it home, before darkness set in.

Participants: Dean W., Lynda H., Wendy S., Adam H. (leader).