As of the Wednesday before the outing, I had no takers. Ted started the string, however, and then others joined the bandwagon. Love having many on the trip, always makes for fun conversations and such. Day was due to be cloudy mid-day but the move-in was slow and we had great views for the entire trip.

Phil had his Sunday lead outing, nearly the same as this one but a loop that included the Chin, so decided to join us to the lodge then a turn around; Ted decided to go back with him. He, Ted, had placed his shoes in my car anticipating riding back with me to the Essex Center P&R so I still have them…wait, I sold them on e-bay based on his suggestion and the remaining gang went for pizza and beer post-hike.

If he reads this trip report, he’ll know why I’m not returning his e-mails on when we can meet up for the hand off! Wendy joined us for her first time ever hike with the Club, all the way from Fort Collins, CO! Great day!

Participants: Ted Albers, Lynda Hutchins, Max Seaton, Jay Strauss, Erica Spiegel, Phil Hazen, Tracy Sweeney, Bruce Bassett, David Hathaway, Wendy Turner, Robynn Albert (leader). Photos courtesy: Ted, Tracy, Erica.