The Jerusalem Trail was covered with wet fallen leaves and this either made for a lovely, soft, cushy padding underfoot or hid all manner of treacherous roots and rocks. Both opinions prevailed in our group. Even more opinions got tossed about when we talked politics!

As we climbed, the leaves gave way to hard bare dirt, some rocks and a few icy patches. The LT, with no snow on the ground, made itself obvious as we hiked along the ridge-line. After standing for a few minutes around the cairn at the wooded summit, we headed back and ate lunch on the expanse of rocks that provided a view of the valley and Lake Champlain to the west. A great autumn hike of 8.4 miles!

Participants – Marie Badger, Mary Keenan, John Kenne, Jean Laverdure, Jack Lutz, Suzanne Daningburg.