We met at the Cambridge Park & Ride at 9 AM and headed for the trailhead on route 15 near Johnson. It was sunny and warm, with temperatures starting in the 40s and climbing into the 50s as the day progressed.

We hit the trail around 9:20 and wound our way north on the Long Trail toward the Lamoille River. When we got there we found that the south channel (the one without a bridge) was full. From the ice much farther up on the banks it looked like it had receded a lot, but not enough to let us continue. So we headed back to the cars and drove up to the crossing on Hogback Road.

We walked down to the suspension bridge and went across to the island where we could look across at where we’d just been. Then we turned around and headed north toward Prospect Rock. The trail had a tiny bit of ice and snow in a very few places, and mud in a lot more, but all in all it was in pretty good shape.

We reached Prospect Rock around 11:20 where we had a leisurely lunch, enjoying the view. Then we headed back down, reaching the car around 1:00.

Participants: Beth Ruskai, Rachel Moulton, Orion Greene (dog), David Hathaway (leader).