You know Rich Larsen’s famous line, “we can lose 10% or 1, whichever is greater, on any outing”? Well keep that in mind when you read the report….as it’s always a moving target! The weather Gods appeared on our side as the week drew to its end. This trip leader just hates hiking in the rain so I was contemplating cancelling until the forecast seemed to clear and we were a go to meet at 8 am at the Richmond Park and Ride. Plus Phil told me to never believe the forecast when I asked him if he’d consider subbing as trip leader for this hike if I ended up cancelling. Eight was the number to start, picking up Jill at the Waterbury P&R where we became 9 and then we’re on our way to the gate on the Mountain Road. Oh, Roger was to meet us at the Richmond P&R but was a no show at meeting time. Surprisingly, at the gate, there were very few cars. Geared up, intros and up the toll road we went. Or so we thought that we were a group.

Let’s make this very long story as short as possible. Tom, Lynda and Phil were bringing up the rear, went too far on the toll road and didn’t make the turn for the LT, retraced their steps, up the LT they go, Phil is now leading the 3 of them, they separate, Phil now solo, Tom and Lynda together, Phil heads up the LT and at one point, Tom and Lynda end up on a back country ski trail, turned around, now on the LT, Tom and Lynda now separate, phone calls and texts are made and sent, respectively, after Mark mentioned he’d gone back down to the toll road and walked up seeing none of the three MIA. Roger meets up with Phil (they actually meet for the first time as Roger is asking everyone in sight if they’re part of the GMC outing), The main group of 6 gets to Taft Lodge at 11:25 am, Phil arrives 11:45 am, Roger is behind him by a few minutes carrying skis in hand, then Tom follows a few minutes later, stating that Lynda is likely turning around, call Lynda, she is headed back down and will find a lodge at the Stowe Mtn. Ski area to hunker down while the group hits the summit and descends Profanity.

So you see where the numbers game is in play here? We lose Lynda and gain Roger, 9 remains. A few inches of the white stuff from toll road to Lodge, then as we hit the rocks, switch to spikes from shoes and carefully, very carefully, make our way to the Chin where a lovely socked in view awaits us! Picture time, head for Profanity trail, back to shoes and lots of butt sliding! Lose the trail, find it, lose again, find again. Then we really do lose Roger…but to the ski mountain! So we’re 8…back to the cars, pick up Lynda, we finish with 9. A great day, albeit a bit disjointed…but this trip leader learned something…never assume!! Oh and very warm, can’t forget that. And it DID start to rain!!!

Participants: Mary Merkel (drove from Rochester, NY to make this hike!!), Rob Gordon, Phil Hazen (photos), Jill George, Mark McLane, Lynda Hutchins, Tom Smith, Robin Lesoff, Roger (last name unknown) , Robynn Albert (leader)