We met at the Waterbury Park and Ride Sunday morning at 8:45 where Ted pulled out his map and claimed he knew a quicker route to get to the trailhead and it would have been if only a road was not closed down for the winter, so we had to trek back down and around to get to the trailhead. So after about 40 minutes of driving around we finally arrived at Stowe Pinnacle trailhead. It was an amazingly clear and sunny morning.

Trail conditions were great. A few icy sections where microspikes were helpful to have on. We saw plenty of other hikers enjoying the outdoors and some dogs as well. At summit sun was still shining and we stayed on top to have and bite to eat and take in the views. Was about a 3 hour round trip hike.

Great company. All around nice hike.

Participants: Wes Volk, Jean Cannon, Mary Roux, Steve, Ted Albers, Lizzie Finnegan, and Clare Albers, Kim Farone (leader).