As has been the case this winter season, one person signs up a handful of days before, then others trickle in. Meeting stop #1 was the Essex Center Park & Ride at 8:30 am; 5 humans and one canine hopped into two vehicles and made our way to the Stephensville trailhead for the #2 stop at 8:50 am. Arrived a bit late, introductions made, signed in, 9 on their way to Butler Lodge.

Nice snow and then of course, there’s always “that line” where you get into true winter, where the snow is hanging onto the trees rather than having fallen off. It was beautiful and NO wind! At the lodge, we had the place to ourselves and chocolate chip cookies were handed out. (I almost never check the web site trip descriptions and have no idea what made me mid-last week but glad I did as it was posted that treats would be served!)

Some ate their lunch, others just snacked. Rob decided he was not feeling well so turned around here and the remaining 8 made their way to the Forehead via Wampahoofus. Even though cloudy but the sun was really trying to make its appearance, we had great views and still no wind. Trail junction of Maple Ridge had not been broken out. A little wind at the Forehead approach, then great views awaited us.

Back to the lodge and as we passed the MR trail junction again, a solo shoe’r popped out of the woods. She was enjoying the day, made mention she’d done a partial bush whack from the trailhead. At the lodge, a couple of groups were gathered, we chatted for a bit, then back to the cars for a few minutes after 2 pm arrival time.

Six of us made our way to the Jericho Cafe for hot and cold beverages, french fries and onion soup….great way to end a nearly perfect day! Thanks to all for joining.

Participants: Rob Gordon, Reza Ramazani, Gary Kuperblatt, Wes Volk, Jill George, Scott Earisman and Yoda, David Hathaway and Greg Bostock, Robynn Albert (leader). Photos courtesy: Scott, Gary, and Wes.