The hike to the Lodge was via the Beaver Meadow Trail in Mud City area of Morristown. We didn’t have enough snow to warrant snow shoes but the temperatures and flurries in the air certainly spoke of winter. Beautiful views of Whiteface Mountain. This was trip leader’s first time on this trail but it has already become one of her favorite trails, to be visited over and over again. It’s quiet (shhh, don’t tell anyone), it’s gentle yet still has a few challenges, and the views from this natural glaciated bowl are understated but spectacular.

Two highlights of the trip: the U-turn we made when we spotted a coffee shop in Johnson that can’t be missed (my bumper sticker should say: Caution, this vehicle makes sudden and erratic stops for coffee), and the second noteworthy event were the dingleberries stuck to the bottoms of our trousers at the end of the hike. Officially the first entry of the Side-to-Side Series.

Participants: Pete Saile, Rachel Moulton, Linda Evans (trip leader)