We met at 8:30 at the Cambridge Park and Ride and took two cars to the difficult-to-find Davis Neighborhood trailhead on Cross Road, just off the east part of Codding Hollow Road. The weather was very cool for July (in the high 50s F) and overcast, but dry, as we started off at around 9:10.

We took Codding Hollow Road, passing crews doing culvert work and continuing over the undrivable middle portion of the road to the Long Trail crossing. We headed up the Long Trail and along the base of the overhanging rock on the south side of Laraway and reached the Laraway lookout around 11:10.

We were still under clouds, but could see patches of sun in the valleys below. We continued to the summit where we had lunch around 11:30 and the few of us still in short sleeve shirts donned long sleeve shirts or jackets.

We then headed down the Long Trail, reaching Corliss camp around 1:15, where we met a couple guys out for an overnight. We continued down Davis Neighborhood Trail to reach the cars around 1:55, for a total hike time of about 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Participants: Rich Larsen, Max Seaton, Jill George, Susan McDowell, Beth Ulzheimer, David Hathaway (leader).