David and Max met at the Richmond Park & Ride at 8:30, then proceeded to the Mount Worcester trailhead where they met Phyllis, left a car, and shuttled to the Middlesex trailhead on N. Bear Swamp Road. This was the same hike we’d all done in years past, but in the opposite direction.

It was cloudy and in the 50’s F as we started up Mt Hunger. around 9:45. It’s easy going to the junction with the White Rock trail, but the steep parts in the woods beyond that are a bit easier due to work done last year by VYCC. It was sprinkling slightly as we made our way up the rock slabs, but they stayed dry, so we didn’t have to worry about slipping. We found a nice patch of lady slippers along the way. We didn’t linger at the summit of Hunger, but continued onto the Skyline Trail.

We stopped for lunch around 12:45, halfway between Hunger and the Stowe Pinnacle trail junction. All the sometimes wet and muddy spots on the ridge were wet, so our feet started getting wet along here. The occasional sprinkles we’d seen so far also turned into heavier but still sporadic rain, so we donned rain gear and/or pack covers. We still had some views of Stowe from the ridge, but by the time we reached the Stowe Pinnacle junction, the clouds had descended and all possibilities of views ended. We continued toward Worcester, spotting moose and bear scat, but no bear or moose.

We took another snack break on the treed summit of the unnamed peak along the way, then continued to Worcester. The rains, while never really heavy, had continued to increase, so we had some pretty we rock to deal with around the Worcester summit, but we all managed to get over it with no falls or mishaps. Descending Worcester, we reached the car around 5:40, for a hiking time of about 7:55.

Participants: Phyllis Rubenstein, Max Seaton, David Hathaway (leader)