For our National Trails Day work hike, we had 6 regulars and one person from Maine. We went from Bolton Valley parking, using the cross-country trails to access the Long Trail. We split into 2 groups. Three folks went up over Bolton Mt. to Puffer, clearing from Ravens Wind crossing to Puffer. They had only one tree to cut. The other 4 went up to the Eagles Nest LT junction, headed south, with John going down to Buchanan Lodge to cut the trees on that spur trail (where the chain saw had malfunctioned on the first outing). Then, after clearing Eagles Nest to Buchanan Spur, the group headed north and cleared to Ravens Wind. There were a couple trees to cut on the LT. The 2 groups met up at Ravens Wind and headed down. It was a pretty long day with a lot of hiking, but very good that we covered the whole section. Also, once again we lucked out with great Saturday weather (though could have been a little cooler) followed by a very rainy Sunday!

Overall this spring the Burlington Section did 5 trail work hikes, with 52 worker-days! We had high turnouts on the first 3 outings, so we also covered the old LT from Rt. 2 to Bolton Notch Road and Frost and Rock Garden Trails, as well as the LT from Rt. 2 to Butler Lodge, Nebraska Notch Trail, Butler Lodge Trail, and Lake Mansfield Trail. We cut about an average number of trees. There was less clipping than usual, but plenty of waterbar cleaning. We had good weather all days, though a little too hot. Our outings were on Saturdays and most of the Sundays were rainy! Many thanks to our new volunteers and our regular volunteers!