For our third section trail work outing, we covered Lake Mansfield Trail and the Long Trail from Taylor Lodge to Puffer Lodge. John Sharp and Phil Hazen started early from the Nebraska Notch parking area and took a chain saw and clippers all the way to Puffer.

The rest of the group (11 folks!) meet at the Richmond park and Ride, carpooled to The Trout Club and then divided into groups to more efficiently cover the trails. one group hiked the longest and then started clipping, another group hiked to Taylor and then starting clipping and using the Hazel hoe, another group clipped and used a Hazel hoe on the Lake Mansfield Trail, and the last group clipped and checked out the trail between the two parking areas, one at Lake Mansfield and the Trout Club, the other just before the Trout Club entrance (for use by overnight hikers and winter hikers). We also took a chain saw up Lake Mansfield Trail, but it wasn’t needed.

All groups kept going up the trails until we met and turned around, giving the trails a very good clipping. There was only a modest amount of work to be done on the trail. The final group did discover a very unsafe bridge between the parking lots, which has been reported to the main club.