For our second Section trail work outing, we again had 15 people! We divided into 4 groups. John and George Long went to cut the trees missed on the old LT from Bolton Notch Rd south. They got some, but then the new saw wouldn’t work right. the rest of the group went to the Stevensville trail head.

Pam lead a group of 5 up Nebraska Notch Trail, clearing waterbars and clipping and continued to Taylor Lodge, also doing the Clara Bow Trail. Jeffery lead a group of 4 up the Frost Trail, Maple Ridge, Rock Garden clearing waterbars and clipping.

Ted Albers lead the last group of 4 with a chain saw up Butler Lodge Trail and then on the LT to the Nebraska Notch Trail. There was a very large blow down south of Butler Lodge totally blocking the trail. Ted cut it. a warm day and lots of work accomplished!

The pictures are on the Nebraska Notch Trail.