A work crew of 15 assembled and split into four teams, led by Pam, John, Ted, and Jeffrey.

John Sharp took a group of 4 and the old club chainsaw and headed from Bolton Notch Road north to Buchanan Shelter. They cleared several blown downs. When they headed down from the LT to Buchanan, there were 3 more trees, but the old saw stopped working; it kept cutting out. We will have to see if it can be repaired and return for those trees.

Pam lead a group of 4 from the new parking area on Rt. 2 up the new Long Trail. There were several trees to cut and the new saw worked beautifully. They turned around when they got to the point the adopter (Scott Alberson, who was with us) had cleared to. It turned out to be a warm day, plenty of sunshine.

Ted took a group of 4 on the old blue-blazed LT from Stage Rd. / Jonesville north past Duck Brook shelter and up to the beaver pond where they were met the remaining group of 3 led by Jeffrey heading south from the Notch Road where the old LT crosses. They didn’t have a chainsaw, but did have Tucker’s mighty axe. Along the way Tucker cleared about 4 or 5 blowdowns that normally would have been quick chain-saw projects. Still heading north, they then came across this monster at chest-height which they took note of and continued up to the meeting point at the beaver pond. This blow down is about 1/2 mile north of Duck Brook.

On the way home headed south with all the major work done on our section, Tucker sped back to this blowdown and started chopping. He was a good sport and stopped when it was time to leave, but could have easily spent another 15 mins at it and would have cut a passage through. If he had done this (and maybe we should have let him?) then there would be no need for any more chain-saw work from the Beaver pond south. So other than the trees still to be cut, the old and new LT from Rt. 2 to Buchanan is done.