Brrr!!! was the word from the start for this outing. The two days previous were bitter cold in the NorthEast and VT which spilled into Saturday morning.

Great group of folks met at the Richmond Park & Ride, and then we continued onto the trail head where we met the two remaining hikers for the day, 10 including this trusty trip leader. Snowshoes were a MUST for the day, the entire day. Waterbury/ Stowe area had received some great white stuff falling from the sky every day, a few inches here and there, for several days.

Onward to Hunger where we gathered, some summited (big winds at the top!!), some did not and some decided it was a one peak day for them. The father-daughter crew of 4 turned around here and 6 headed to White Rocks. Tracy turned around shortly as she was without snowshoes. So then there were 5….much thanks to Mark McLane for breaking trail the entire way to this mountain.

Not much for views the whole day as it was overcast and socked in but a big plus was the warm up in temps. Not sure exactly what it was when we hit the trail head on the return but it felt balmy compared to the morning.

Thanks to all for coming out for a leg stretch!!

Trip Participants: Clare Albers, Ted Albers, Tom Smith, Tracy Sweeney, Jill George, Max Seaton, Katherine Seaton, Mark McLane, Phil Hazen, Robynn Albert (leader). Photo credit: Clare Albers.