We met at the Underhill Center park and ride at 9 AM and took one car up to the gate of the Underhill State Park. It was cold (around 10 F) with low clouds as we started up at 9:25. Only one of us started in snowshoes, but all were wearing them by the time we were 1/3 of the way up the trail. The snow wasn’t too deep, but deep enough to cover almost all the ice and loose enough to slide a little as we climbed, making it a little slow going. T

here were a couple of sets of boot tracks ahead of us, and we ran into Ryan and Chelsea from PA who had made them just below the Suinset Ridge junction. It was their first time on the mountain, and they were coming back down after having been unable to find the trail to the summit, as the visibility was pretty low and everything was coated with rime ice and snow. But they turned around and joined us on the last bit of climb to the top, which we reached around 1 PM.

The descent was a lot faster, and we got back to the car around 2:50.

Participants: Jill George, Jay Strauss, David Hathaway (substitute trip leader).