We met at the Underhill Center park and ride at 9:30 and proceeded in 2 cars up to the gate at the Underhill State Park. We got on the trail about 9:40 under overcast skies.

The trail was rough snow and ice, and David did without spikes, while Ted and Phil wore HillSounds. We saw only a few people and dogs, but the trail had been well packed. We made good time, reaching Cantilever Rock around 11:10, where we stopped for a snack and some pictures. We were just at or above the bottom edge of the cloud deck, so our views were down and out of the clouds toward the portion of the ridge below us. This made it difficult to identify features like Sunset Knob, whose top was in the clouds.

We then headed back down, reaching the cars around 12:30.

Participants: Phil Hazen, Ted Albers, David Hathaway (leader).