What a difference a week makes! If you read my last Saturday’s trip report (November 12 of same mountain, much overlap in trails), then you know how crazy the conditions were, so much ice. Well, this outing, compared to the week before, was similar to going from winter to late winter, early spring conditions.

I’d guess about 10% of the ice we ran into compared to the week before and it was not as thin nor dangerous but more identifiable chunks and very random, and lo and behold (I love when this happens!), we ran into my Namibian hiking friend Rob Gordon at the summit!! He and I’d communicated days before, he mentioning that “maybe” we’d run into each other at the summit as he was ascending from the Underhill side, and it could not have been timed better! He and his friends Mark and Dave (who I’d hiked with previously) and our group lunched together at the LT / Profanity junction.

Oh, the summit was windy, windy, windy….so much so that it would have been nearly impossible to sit and eat. Let’s put it this way….putting your face into the warm wind, made it tough to breathe…really! So we stopped where we did and had a great eating and visiting time, the 7 of us. Picture perfect day sitting in the sun with friends, old and new.

Down Profanity we went and ran into a huge group of Canadians. I’ve never seen so many ascending this trail before. Back to the lodge for a quick stop and then back to our cars at 2 pm. Great day, great group!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Trip Participants: David Hathaway, Kate Harris, Laura Seman

Photos courtesy: Kate Harris, Robynn Albert, David Hathaway