The Monday before this outing, there was no one signed – then folks started trickling in daily. This seems to be the case the last couple of years, at least for my hikes. I love seeing who signs up, whether it’s going to be GMC hiking/ shoeing friends or newbies to me. This time it was 11 folks and I knew them all and many knew each other, too. So that was a great start to the day. Round Robin (Robynn!) introductions when we were all gathered at the base of Stowe Mtn. Resort before heading off to the mouth of the Haselton trail….tell the group your name, where you live and something fun that happened to you this week….Lynda misunderstood Tom who’d stated he’d been go-karting..she thought she heard goat-karting! That set the tone for the day!!

Onward until we popped out on the ski hill and then blue blaze searching we were…found a marker on the rock as we ascended, then headed to the First Aid station not that we needed it but it was open and warm and most were ready for lunch! The two ski patrol folks working inside said, “Sure, come on in and have your lunch” after we asked…little did they know 12 GMCers were to ascend on them not just the one or two as they may have suspected! We also made a brief stop at the Stone Hut (right next door) to see the new construction after it partially burned last winter….very nice and some photos are attached. Presidential history trivia continued (as it started with intros) with Peppermint Patties being handed out to the “winners” of the questions. As we left the station, there were a handful of skiers and boarders who’d hiked or skinned up to the top to enjoy the ski or ride down as far as they could. The snow guns were going at full tilt around some trails.

We continued our journey to the toll road, Welcome Center, then the summit. To the Halfway House junction, we’d hit mostly snow (not much) and bare rock then the ice made its appearance and one by one, folks started to put their spikes on; at the summit, we were met with clear skies to the west, with great views of the Adirondacks and to our east, the Presidentials. Hunkered down, had our group picture taken by a man from Montreal who was overnighting at Taft Lodge. He had come up the LT from there and said it was very icy but he had no grippers other than his boots.

We made the executive decision to head that way rather than Profanity so we stuck with the trip route as advertised. It was indeed pretty slick. The unfortunate part of the day came when Robin took a tumble on the ice at the LT/ Profanity junction. Ultimately it was indeed a broken wrist and she’s in recovery mode now, very grateful to many who assisted, co-hikers on this trip and others who stopped by to assist if needed. Kudos go to Mark, David, Wes and Phil who assisted with wrapping her arm, making her comfortable and getting her safely off the mountain before she was met by her daughter back at her car and then the ER. Minus Robin’s injury, it was a good trip and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Lynda..if you ever see any goat-karting, be sure to send us pictures!

Trip Leader: Robynn Albert

Trip Participants: Mark Blanchard, Rob Gordon, Phil Hazen, Jill George, Lynda Hutchins, Tom Smith, Robin Lesoff, Gary Kupperblatt, Wes Volk, David Hathaway, Larry Gagne

Photos courtesy: David Hathaway, Phil Hazen