This hike started out as a warm up to “our regular hiking season” . . . hikers we only see from October to March. (They are biking, on the lake, on the waterfront, the Skinny Pancake, whatever). Along with Robynn Albert, Tom Smith was present, Jill George, Peter Hewitt whom we haven’t seen in years, Wes Volk, we picked up on the trail, and MichaelChing, traveling three hours wanting only to bag another 4000 footer.

First up the Frost Trail to check out a recent helicopter drop of materials to improve a few sections of the trail. Then the Maple Ridge Trail where we found Wes. And someone mentioned solar energy and nuclear fusion was tossed in that led to E=MC2 and then we had to enlist Michael (a mathematics professional) to explain it. Peter got it and went to wrap speed, and so it went up the Whampahoofus Trail, The Chin, back to the Visitor Center, Butler Lodge, and finally back to the Trailhead leaving a few hikers on the trail slightly dazed with all the babble. A time warp experience it was.

We completed with pie at the pie store thanks to Wes. Thanks to all that joined this hike and hope we can repeat it in a year or two. It will take that much time to recover!

Trip leader: Phil Hazen.