One participant cancelled due to a last minute family issue, and Jill decided to turn the trip into an overnight, staying at Sterling Pond Shelter. So David met Jill at the Long Trail crossing on Rt 108 around 9:20, where she left her truck, and then headed back up to the Sterling Pond trailhead, getting on the trail about 9:40.

It was a sunny but cool morning, so we started with long sleeve shirts, but de-layered to T-shirts before reaching Sterling Pond. We talked to the caretaker at the pond and continued on to reach Sterling Pond Shelter around 10:50, where Jill left her overnight gear. With her load lightened, we continued on to reach Madonna Peak around 11:40, where we took in the views before continuing.

We reached Chilcoot Pass around 12:30, and headed down the very steep side trail to Beaver Meadow Lodge, where we had lunch before heading up to Whiteface Shelter. We stopped there around 2 PM to talk for a while with a through hiker, then headed up to reach the Whiteface summit around 2:40.

We then returned via the Long Trail, reaching Sterling Pond Shelter around 5:30. We parted there, and David headed back down to reach the car at the Sterling Pond trailhead on Rt 108 around 6 PM.