It’s always hard to figure out which weekend will be the peak wildflower weekend each year. Usually the very end of April and early May are good, so I selected April 30 for the hike. I was concerned when there was still snow on the ground two weeks before the appointed day for the hike but then the temps soared into the 70s the week of the hike. Unfortunately, April 30 turned out to be cold and dreary so the flowers weren’t as lush as some years at this time. But, we were pleased to find 17 different kinds of wild flowers (see list below). The white trilium were looking especially good, but there were several nice purple trilium as well. In addition, we had nice views of the trees budding in the distance.

Widlflower list:

  • Bellwort, large- flowered
  • Blood root
  • Cohosh, blue
  • Columbine, wild
  • Dutchman’s breeches
  • Ginger, wild
  • Hepatica; Hobble bush
  • Meadow-rue, early
  • Miterwort; Saxifrage, early
  • Spring beauty
  • Trilium, large flowered white
  • Trilium, purple
  • Violet, common blue
  • Violet, long-spurred
  • Wild Oats

Participants: Rich Larsen, Sarah Moran, Mike Moran, Nancy Leroy, Greg Leroy, Joan MacKenzie, Rosemary Zamore, Carol Sepkosky, Joanie Mallory, Sheri Larsen (leader).