With a bit of snow forecasted for the ADKs, five of us met at the Starbuck’s / Shaws lot on the Shelburne Road at 7 am. Piled all, people and gear, in Robynn’s car and away we went. Quick stop at the Stewart’s in Port Henry, then onto the trailhead at the Adk. Lodge for our double peak bagging of Wright and Algonquin, possibly Iroquois, too. Started right at 10 am after signing in and on our way to Wright first. Great snow, lots of folks on the trails, a true winter wonderland! Wright was incredibly icy; as soon as we hit the summit, 4 of the 5 of us immediately changed into spikes. Jill’s brand new shoes have great claws so she was fine with keeping her footwear intact. Off Wright, bit of lunch at the junction, Valentine’s Day trivia! then onto Algonquin.

It was very socked in with visibility conditions deteriorating rapidly. Thank Goodness for the very tall cairns which got us to the summit. Spent little time, decided Iroquois would need to wait another day, then carefully headed down, not much separation between us, as we were seeking tracks and then cairns. Back to the junction, then butt sliding or butts on sleds on the descent…much fun! Hit the car at 4pm-ish, then onto The Ausable Inn in Keene Valley for a well deserved table by the fire, round of libations and burgers and nachos, arriving back at cars right around 8 pm.

Great day, great group, great adventure and congrats to Jill and Nate for bagging their 1st and 2nd Adk. peaks!! Nothing like the Adks!!!!!

Participants: Nate Rex, Tom Smith, Jill George, Mark McLane , Robynn Albert (leader). Photo Courtesy: Tom Smith