A dozen strong recovered from the Burlington Section Annual Meeting taking a hike up to the Duxbury Window. This Long Trail hike started at the trail head on Duxbury Road near the Winooski River at the lowest point on the LT. The trail followed Gleason Brook and up Bamforth Ridge, one of the flanks of Camel’s Hump. Fortunately the Section President had guaranteed nice weather and “OK views or your money back” so no refunds were needed. While this was an easy microspike walk of about 3.2 miles with 950′ elevation gain, immediately to the south of the Duxbury Window as one heads towards the Bamforth Ridge Shelter, the authentic climbing begins.

Those familiar with the LT at the point will recall a somewhat steep rock-faced climb, just north of the Banister Ledge. Four of our group took off to head up this ice-clad abyss while the rest of us returned as planned. Soon enough, however, the other four abandoned their adventure and headed back to the parking lot with the rest as without a rope or serious spikes, no on was going to make it up!

Ted Albers, trip leader with Cathy T., Andy and Linda S., Melino R., Jeri A., Kristin M., Nancy M., Eliot D., Linda S., Phil H. Photos by Kristin and Phil, and one by Ted (GMC Instagram by Kristin)