The previous few days leading up to this outing saw warm temps meaning a thaw in mid-January in VT. Not what we wanted for this outing but that’s what spikes are for, right?? We met at the Richmond Park & Ride and proceeded to the trailhead where our group for the day was complete with seeing Tracy in the lot.

We headed out at 9:25 for the Forest City trail and met up at the Montclair Glen Lodge jct.; some headed over to see the shelter, others held back and one or two proceeded to the LT. Nice day, a bit overcast but the clouds lifted during our ascent enough to see the Whites.

A bit of excitement…. Phil and I came upon Steve sitting on the trail, calmly telling us he’d lost his cell phone. Phil had picked it up about 1/4 mile back and mentioned he was afraid to touch a Samsung phone for fear it might catch on fire! Oh boy!

We hit the summit and then proceeded to the clearing for eats, conversation and Phil talking about the newly established GMC BTV section Meet Up group. Headed down about 12:50 and made the parking lot at 2:10 where Tim had Long Trail “cooling” in the back of his car….what a great treat for the end of a great hike with great folks.

One last piece of excitement just before the trailhead… Phil, while running full speed ahead, dropped his camera off his pack so Tracy and I, following him, had some fun with his temporary loss! Never a dull moment on a GMC BTV section winter outing!

Participants: Jill George, Sylwia Felek, Tom Smith, Tracy Sweeney, Tim Welsh, Phil Hazen, Steve Titcomb, Nate Rex, Patrice Gaillard, Robynn Albert (leader). Photos: Steve Titcomb, Tim Welsh, Phil Hazen