We met at 8 AM at the Park & Ride by Joe’s Pond, at the junction of Rt 2 and Rt 15. Jim had to be back in Burlington by 6, so he took his own car, but the rest of us carpooled from there. Parking was full at the Lafayette campground so we joined many others parking on the grass along I-93 after the entrance. It was sunny but cool (in the 50s) as we started up at 9 AM, along with many, many other people.

We hiked as a group for a while, but Jim went on ahead and we last saw him about halfway up the Falling Waters Trail. We reached the summit of Little Haystack around 11:20, Lincoln around 11:50, and Lafayette around 12:30. After a break for lunch we headed down, reaching Greenleaf Hut around 1:55, and the car around 3:40.

Participants: Jim Watkins, Rob Gordon, Phyllis Rubenstein, David Hathaway (substitute leader)