Six people signed up through meetup, and five of those plus one extra showed up at 9 AM at the LT crossing at Rt 15, giving us a good group of six for the trip. There were a few clouds leftover from the previous night’s rains as we started out, but those soon dissipated, leaving us with a beautiful sunny day with pleasant temperatures.

We wandered through the woods and scrambled down the bank of the almost dry south channel of the Lamoille, then carefully avoided the profuse poison ivy on the short stretch to the suspension bridge. After admiring the view from the bridge for a bit, we continued across the road and up the LT to Prospect Rock where we hung out for quite a while, enjoying the views and sun.

We heard and saw a couple folks in climbing gear below us who were there doing some vertical “trail maintenance,” removing a dead tree hanging over a climbing route on the cliff below. We eventually retraced our steps to the parking area, getting there a bit after noon.

Participants: Jan Weyant, Reid Willis, Chenling Wang, Deb Forcier, Prasoon, David Hathaway (leader).