We all had a good time. There were excellent snow conditions and the weather was just right – not too cold and not too warm. We ate lunch at the top of the notch and then returned; we did not go down the other side. There were many skiers, snowboarders, and walkers on the trail, as well as other snowshoers.

The hardest part of the trip was getting there. The roads in Burlington were fine; the roads in Stowe were fine. Parts of the interstate in between were glare ice. We saw dozens of cars off the road, even one overturned. Police and fire trucks gave plenty of warning. We went slowly and carefully and got there all right, but were really glad to get off the interstate in Waterbury.

Participants: Bob Chaperone, Lourdes Bielsa, Joanne Mellin, Barbara (I don’t know her last name, member at large), Dot Myer, and two dogs.